Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A photo project of some sort.

I have inspired my own self to start taking pictures more. Maybe everyday, but I'm not sure if I want to commit to that yet.. It seems like such a random time to start a photo project, but maybe it can be a fall season project. Not a month or year one. Regardless of what this will be, I will be posting pictures of the kids on the blog again. Its nice to have a place for the pictures. And I think I will make another photo book when this is all over.

Some things about the pictures:
Trying out a new hairstyle.
Eli is loving to wrestle and roll around and do flips. He just throws himself onto my lap and tries to flip over.
Audrey is loving painting with watercolors the last few days. This is her art gallery in her room.
Out at a coffee shop in West Seattle yesterday. Eating a brownie.


Irina Panfilov said...

That's an awesome idea!!! I love all these pictures of the childrens, but I do want to see pictures of you and viktor too.:):) so don't forget to sprinkle those in.

Zarie Orest said...

love it! I agree with Ira, more pictures of you please :)

Olga Drotenko said...

I love Audrey's little hairstyle here. Adorbs! 😍

Anonymous said...

Спасибо Валя ! Я всегда очень
Рада видеть новые фото.
Я согласна с девчонками вас мы
хотим видеть тоже!!