Thursday, July 24, 2014

My little buddy named Eli.

This little buddy is almost 9 months old. He has 4 teeth, and is in the process of cutting another one. Which is making him very cranky and sad lately. Which makes me very sad too. He does find comfort in my arms though, and crawls to me at every chance he gets. 
Putting him to sleep has been a bit difficult lately, he is only calm when I rock him and softly sing. Which is a bit of a set back from where we used to be, but I don't mind. To be honest, I was surprised how much I missed rocking him. To have him fuss and cry, and then just slowly surrender and melt in my arms. I find myself just holding and looking at him long after he falls asleep. I love him.

Some things he likes to do these days:
Cruises along the furniture.
Does a funny little dance whenever there is music playing.
Loves, LOVES to eat. Mostly chunky food. He is over the baby food, thinks he is too big for that stuff...
Grabs things all the time! I call him my little grabber. He just lunges at things out of the blue.
Loves to chase the cat.
Loves to get at the cat food.
Loves to play with Audrey. (Mostly mess up her toys..) :)

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