Sunday, March 30, 2014

What we do at home.

 7:30am. Rise and shine mama! We want milk! (why so early....??)
 8:00am. All the toys are fresh and new in the morning, and super fun to play with. (for like 30 min..)
9:15am. While Eli takes his first nap, I tackle the pile of dishes from the night before. Audrey drinks a yogurt and plays an alphabet game on my phone. And she loves sitting on the counter and watching/helping me cook.
10:00am. Breakfast is made and Audrey refuses eggs but steals bites of my avocado toast. (Viktor eats cereal.)
11:00am. Cartoons and coloring before nap. Educational alphabet cartoons of course! (Duh..)
12:00pm. Eli takes his second nap of the day and I take a sneaky ninja mom picture. 
12:15pm. Audrey drinks milk and requests books being read to her before taking a nap as well.
12:30pm. Ah... solitude. I try to be healthy and have a snack. While planning stuff in my tiny notebook.
1:00pm. Naps are too short these days with this guy. He is up again so I plop him down under the dangly toys. He stares in wonder while I watch some Chuck and do some meal planning. Soon he is bored and its belly time! The dangly toys become interesting again..
I was planning on making a post about what we do at home so that I could look back one day and remember them. Somehow I only got around to photographing half of the day, but Im going to post them anyways.
Im sure that the day turned out to be super productive and I did the laundry, sewed some clothes, made dinner, taught Audrey how to add and Eli how to crawl and took a bath. Because Im supermom like that...

*That last sentence was a big joke.


Anastasia Belonozhko said...

Love this Val :)

Anonymous said...

Good jab Valya. Very nice picture!!

Irina Murzagildin said...

Loved it, sweet and fresh and simple. I've wanted to do this but it's hard to get all the photos in when the kids just want to play.

Zarie Orest said...

I loved reading this :) just want to hug you right now

Irina Panfilov said...

Awe:) this is way to much preciousness in one post. Absolutely loved this!