Sunday, March 30, 2014

What we do at home.

 7:30am. Rise and shine mama! We want milk! (why so early....??)
 8:00am. All the toys are fresh and new in the morning, and super fun to play with. (for like 30 min..)
9:15am. While Eli takes his first nap, I tackle the pile of dishes from the night before. Audrey drinks a yogurt and plays an alphabet game on my phone. And she loves sitting on the counter and watching/helping me cook.
10:00am. Breakfast is made and Audrey refuses eggs but steals bites of my avocado toast. (Viktor eats cereal.)
11:00am. Cartoons and coloring before nap. Educational alphabet cartoons of course! (Duh..)
12:00pm. Eli takes his second nap of the day and I take a sneaky ninja mom picture. 
12:15pm. Audrey drinks milk and requests books being read to her before taking a nap as well.
12:30pm. Ah... solitude. I try to be healthy and have a snack. While planning stuff in my tiny notebook.
1:00pm. Naps are too short these days with this guy. He is up again so I plop him down under the dangly toys. He stares in wonder while I watch some Chuck and do some meal planning. Soon he is bored and its belly time! The dangly toys become interesting again..
I was planning on making a post about what we do at home so that I could look back one day and remember them. Somehow I only got around to photographing half of the day, but Im going to post them anyways.
Im sure that the day turned out to be super productive and I did the laundry, sewed some clothes, made dinner, taught Audrey how to add and Eli how to crawl and took a bath. Because Im supermom like that...

*That last sentence was a big joke.