Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some unexpected snow.

Some things I remember from this last snow fall:
1. I had to drive home in the snow with the kids in the car and I was terrified.
2. We almost made it home (3 houses away), but I was too scared to drive up the hill to our house. Viktor came to save us.
3. When I finally got into the house, my legs were still shaking and I thanked God that he kept us safe while I was driving.
4. Suddenly I could appreciate the beauty of the snow now that I was safe inside our warm home and the kids were peacefully sleeping.
5. The next day was full of fun snowy activities!!

That's all :)

1 comment:

Irina Panfilov said...

Ok, I officially totally miss you guys and your family cuteness. Audrey and her little snow outfit and pink cheeks, completely adorbs!