Monday, August 12, 2013

Eating at home.

 Vietnamese cold noodle bowl with pork. So fresh and delicious on a hot day! Recipe from here.
Chipotle chicken burrito bowl. Rice, beans and corn are topped with chicken and a tasty salsa with avocado. Yumm. :) Recipe here.
Broccoli beef noodle stir fry. This. was. so. good. I used flank steak, broccolini, spaghetti, and added mushrooms. Recipe here
Gyoza with pork. Simple to make with store bought wrappers. I made a big batch and froze the extras. Recipe here.

Lately Ive been craving lots of Asian foods, and as a result, trying to master the cuisine in my kitchen. Ive made this and that before, but in the last few months its all I want to cook.  For example, Ive had a bottle of soy sauce and fish sauce sitting in the pantry for maybe like 2 years... I don't know how long.. and in the past few months, Ive used up all of the contents and had to go buy some new bottles. Its serious! Im bookmarking recipes like crazy, and have stocked up on some new authentic ingredients. Maybe its all the hot weather.. Cooking up some rice and quickly stir frying meat and veggies is a pretty fast and simple thing to do, and thats what I want in the summer!

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