Monday, June 17, 2013

A bit of drawing.

A few weeks ago I wrote down a morning routine that i want to follow with Audrey, so that we dont end up just watching cartoons all morning. A part of the routine is doing some sort of hands on activities, like coloring. To be honest i have been a little hesitant to let Audrey color, because the little sneaky one has drawn on the walls a couple of times already. And we still havent gotten her a little table and chair to sit on, so she gets tired of standing and coloring sometimes. 
But yesterday I decided to give it a try at the big table. I sat her down with a couple of cushions under her, and she loved it! As you can see in one of the pictures, she insists on calling anything round a "ball". She enjoyed it so much that when it was time to be done, she threw herself on the floor and had a little tantrum. Which I ignored of course. And a couple minutes later, she came over to me for a hug and we talked about being obedient. Well, I talked. Hopefully she listened. :) But she is responding really well to correction lately, so I am hopeful for the future. :)


Pilar Flores said...

Hi Val, i loved your blog... but i have one question how can i follow you? im sorry im new at blogger and im barely getting used to it, help please please..

Val Kovalchuk said...

Hi Pilar, thanks for reading my blog :) i added a follow by email link on the sidebar. Hopefully that helps!

Irina said...

Awe. You're such a good mommy :) I like her crossed little legs in the last picture, too cut :)