Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pictures from yesterday (and lots of words.)

1. Drinking her morning milk while cuddling with papa.
2. She loves climbing up and down this white chair. 
3. We found a dragonfly on our screen door! Viktor looked it over before setting it free.

Lately I haven't been inspired to take any pictures or post on this blog, and Im not sure why. Mostly we have been spending our time indoors, me resting on the couch while Audrey plays or watches cartoons. And I feel guilty about that. I want to be an intentional mom that spends time with my daughter, teaching her things, reading to her, and encouraging her to learn. 

Whenever i look through pinterest, I see so many ideas for toddler activities that stimulate their little brains and keep them occupied. 
I want to do that. I want to let Audrey loose in our backyard, and not hover over her as she picks up pine cones or rocks. I want to let her dig her little hands in the dirt and experience nature. She loves being outside, and i want to encourage that. 

At the same time, we are in a period right now where we are building structure in Audrey's life, setting boundaries, and disciplining  her when she disobeys. She is a very independent child, wanting to do everything herself and getting frustrated quickly if things go wrong. We are trying to find a balance in letting her do things on her own, while teaching her to obey us when we say its time to stop. 

All this rambling is to say that parenting has been a little hard on me lately, but I want to keep working at it and become a better mom. Because Im the only one she has!

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up mommy! You're doing a great job!