Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eating at home.

 Potato vareniki w/bacon.
Vegetable hash w/egg and bacon. (again??)

These past 2 months that we have lived in our new house (wow already 2 months..) I have not been cooking much at all. But I have recently got new motivation to plan meals and start cooking again.

I made these potato vareniki using wonton wrappers because a friend had recommended them to me, and I didnt want to deal with making the dough from scratch. They turned out pretty tasty! 
The veggie hash is something that we make pretty frequently for breakfast around here. I used potato, mushroom, bell pepper, corn, green onion, and dill on top.

I want to return to documenting our meals on the blog, because it actually motivates me to cook a lot! :)

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