Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We are cleaning and painting.

My sisters came over last weekend to help with the new house. We are planning on painting a lot of the house white, because i just love how clean and bright it looks. (you can see my pinterest inspirations here.) Also our home is surrounded by lots of tall trees and is a bit dark inside, so we think the white walls will help with that.

I was a bit naive about how much time painting takes... For some reason i was thinking that we would be able to paint everything in just one day, but we were only able to finish one bedroom! It will probably take a couple days to get everything done, and I am so glad that Viktor is very patient and loving with me, because this was mostly my idea...

We are hoping to move in by this weekend, although there is still so much packing to do, that Im not sure were gonna make it. 

Oh, and my favorite thing about our house are the floors. They are so pretty to look at! :)

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