Monday, February 25, 2013

Living at our new place.

We have been living in our new house for about a week now, and we're getting used to it fast! We love the openness of the living room, its so much bigger than our rental house. I think everyone's favorite thing about the house so far is this giant window that lets in lots of light. Both Audrey and Kitsya love sitting on the windowsill and looking outside. 

Another great thing? We live a block away from a park with a lake. So far we've been there once, and Audrey had so much fun watching the ducks swimming around. (I think ducks are her favorite right now...)

Of course there are some bad sides to moving. All the boxes! The first couple days we were so good about unpacking, but I think now its been a couple days since we've opened a box. But Im looking forward to when we are all settled so I can work on decorating more. I have such dreams for this house! 

(Please excuse my not so clean hair in the picture above. But I am a mom who just moved... showers are not my friend right now.) :) 

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