Monday, January 7, 2013

We are sick this week.

Its been a pretty hard week over here, and we dont seem to be getting any better. Audrey has a runny nose, and I have a pretty bad sore throat. Like where it hurts to swallow. And it makes me feel so bad for my little baby, because she could have a sore throat too and I wouldn't even know it. :( 
So our days are filled with wiping runny noses, drinking lots of tea, warm apple juice and soup, and endless hours of cartoons. Hopefully we will get through this soon.

Oh and tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary of being married!! Seems like we've been married for years and years... We're planning on going out to dinner to celebrate, sick or not. 

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Irina said...

:( so sad.. especially about Audrey's possible sore throat, makes me sad just thinking about it.. get better soon..