Thursday, December 13, 2012

Watching Audrey play.

 Sometimes when Audrey is playing by herself, i get the urge to grab the camera and snap some pictures of her in-the-moment. She recently learned how to smell flowers and whenever there's one in a book she puts her nose to it and sniffs! So cute. :) And she even tries to say flowers, it come out as, "flah" or something like that. 

Me and her have been watching Baby Einstein sign language together and she knows how to sign some words like milk, eat, daddy, and ball. Im very impressed because she can say some of them at the same time as she signs. And her walking is getting so much better, but she still falls on her knees a lot, whenever she gets nervous. Im really enjoying her this past week, she laughs a lot and loves it when i chase her around the house. :)

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