Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sharing and kissing.

There has been some kissing going on around here, and its not me and viktor. ;) Audrey learned to give kisses! Although she doesn't like being forced into it (who does?) and if i make her do it, she tries to hit my face.. Her favorite things to kiss (in order) are her stuffed animals, viktor, and then sometimes me. :( Mostly because i ask her to do it all the time and she's probably tired of me.

On another note, we're trying to figure out what to do about a christmas tree this year. Im almost positive that if we put one on the floor, Audrey will be constantly pulling it and i will have to be telling her "no" the whole day. We're thinking about getting a really small one and putting it up high on top of our record table. 
So far we are not feeling too festive, mostly because it's been a hard week with Audrey. (some whining and tantrums) but hopefully once we get a tree in here, we will all feel a little happier! :)


Zarie Orest said...

aaaaw. She is soooo cute!!! ;) I hope that you end up putting up the small tree. Igor and I did not put up a tree the first Christmas we were married cause we moved during the second week of december and I was really sad cause we had no decorations or reminders that it was a special time.... don't make that mistake! At least put tons of wreaths up :)

Val Kovalchuk said...

I will do it! :)