Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project yeast.

For some reason I have always been a little afraid of making anything that has yeast in it. It looked too challenging, with all the mixing and waiting for it to rise. Things like cinnamon rolls and pizza dough and bread (gasp!) seemed like they were for the professional cooks and I am just an amateur over here. And then I had a couple mishaps in the past with mixing pizza dough with too much flour and it looking way too hard to try to save. (poorly written recipe.) All these things have made me stay away. 

Well, no more!!! :)
After having pretty successful results with the cinnamon rolls on Christmas, I am now feeling fearless! So I decided to challenge myself this upcoming year and make all sorts of recipes that call for yeast and rising and mixing. An early new year resolution, if you will. 

For today, I made some pizza dough. From scratch. :) The recipe makes 2 crusts, but since we bake pizza on a cookie sheet and like it pretty thin, it made 4. I froze half of it and made the other 2 for dinner. Here's the recipe for the dough, and the BBQ chicken pizza topping. (we were out of fresh cheese, so i used Audrey's mozzarella cheese sticks instead.) :)


Irina said...

That looks delicious. Pining it to my pinterest account. Way to be fearless and show the yeast whos boss :)

Val Kovalchuk said...

ha ha you're awesome :)