Monday, December 10, 2012

Have a holly jolly christmas.

We finally got our little Christmas tree! It makes me instantly happy when i look over at it. To get the full effect, i turned off the lights and turned on the fake fireplace on the TV. It felt real cozy... :) 
So far Audrey has been pretty good about it, i let her touch the needles and made exaggerations about it being sooo pokey... hopefully it will discourage her . ;)

On a unrelated note, we are having a bit of a nap/sleep dilemma over here. Since Audrey has been about 8 months or so, she stopped taking more than one nap per day. (Her first nap is about 2-3 hours after she wakes up) Even if she's tired, if i try to put her to sleep for a second nap, she will just cry and refuse to fall asleep. So because of all this, we started putting her to bed earlier so she is not cranky. First bedtime was at 8pm. Then 7:30, then 7, then 6:30 and so on. Well it got to the point where now we can put her to bed at like 5:45 sometimes and she will basically sleep through the night until 8am. (she does have one feeding per night still at about 5 or 6.) 

This all feels a little wrong to me, like its way too early.. But i don't know what else to do! 
Tonight for example, around 5, she started carrying her stuffed duck around and every minute or so dropping to the floor to lay her head down and hug it. And she started to get pretty cranky and cry. This usually means she needs to sleep. But it was 5. So we wanted to wait a little longer until at least 6, because 5 is not normal... right? But when we did put her in her crib (at about 5:45) she fussed in there for like an hour until she fell asleep completely. So its like, obviously it was too early for bedtime, but she is too sleepy and cranky to play. And she refuses to take a second nap. So we are a little confused at what to do about all of this. Probably we will keep trying to have her take a second nap around 3 or 4pm, because this going to sleep super early business is making me a little worried. Any advice is appreciated! :)

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Anonymous said...

let her sleep 1 hour and wake up till 8 pm.