Saturday, October 13, 2012


Confession: I don't think I was a good tomato grower this year. We planted them too late in the season, and most of them are pretty small. But even so, I love my little tiny tomatoes! (and some of them are grape tomatoes.. so there!) Yesterday I went and picked a lot of them, because it's getting really cold and I'm not sure if that is bad for them at this stage. (I know I could just google it to find out...) 

So yeah, there's still some really green ones that I left in the garden, but I'll bring them in soon too. Also, i know i keep saying this, but growing things is so fun!!! Even if it doesn't always cooperate. :)

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Julia M said...

Your tomatoes are better than my tomatoes (that don't exist). Love the ombre pattern. :) You are such a domestic goddess!