Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The golden hour.

She loves that duck. And swinging on swings. 

I took advantage of the sun rays and tried to take some interesting pictures. It was so cold that Alki beach was deserted. I have never seen it so empty before. But this playground had kids running around. I guess they are braver than the adults. :)

Also we are going to Hawaii on Friday for a vacation! My mom is watching Audrey for us, so its going to be a week of relaxing. Whenever i think of my baby girl being without me, it makes me so sad though.. And when i think of Kitsya at home by herself. :( (Im weird, i like my cat a lot too)

And Audrey is starting to say mama! She doesn't say it to me or anything, but just babbles ma ma ma sometimes.. I love to hear it and pretend that its just for me. ;) 
Even though whenever Viktor asks her, "where's mama?" she looks around like she doesn't know what he's talking about...

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