Tuesday, September 18, 2012

11 months old.

She cries furiously when i suddenly leave the room and wants her mama close always. I am happy to give her extra snuggles. Especially when we cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons. She seems perfectly content with just crawling so my prediction of her walking by 11 months is not coming true. She loves to clap and drink from a straw and tries hard to say "Kitsya" whenever she sees her. I love her babbling when she plays by herself and watching her bob her body to the music.

We will hopefully be planning a little celebration for birthday, its so soon! And no, we didn't let her eat that feather. ;)


Irina said...

My goodness! I cant believe it! Shes gonna b one year old next month. A birthday celebration is in order.

Val Kovalchuk said...

yes siree bob!