Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A little date.

Viktor and I had a little date today exploring downtown Tacoma. Just the two of us. We went to a park with lots of old gigantor trees and thought about life. About how these trees were planted here a long time ago and we still get to enjoy them. And then a squirrel ran up to us, right at our feet as if waiting for us to feed her. I was scared it was going to jump us and froth at the mouth! ;) We also walked around and looked at some old brick buildings. And talked about our little family and babies.


Kacie // A Collection of Passions said...

Your wedding looks so beautiful. Congrats! I found your blog via a comment on Bleubird and I'm so glad I did! Love finding a new great blog to follow!


Val Kovalchuk said...

Thanks! Im glad you like it :)