Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eating at home.

Baked egg and bacon with butter toast and veggies.
 Dill potatoes w/shrimp and asparagus.
 Pasta w/mushrooms and zucchini in a cream sauce.
Sauteed leftover potatoes, an egg, bacon and a veggie w/salami sandwich. 
 Pan seared salmon w/mashed potatoes and a ceaser salad.
Eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese squares, heirloom tomato slices, avocado and toast.
 Stewed chicken w/Israeli couscous and a salad w/sour cream dressing.
 Leftover mashed potatoes and pork tenderloin w/a fried egg. (and bbq sauce!)

We love breakfast at our house. I think it's because Audrey is mellow in the morning and Viktor and I can slowly prepare it while she plays. Its a relaxing time. In the evening I don't get to make dinner sometimes because the baby is fussy and wants to be held. So thats why there are a lot of eggs in the pictures. :) Again, any new breakfast ideas are appreciated!

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