Monday, June 18, 2012

Eating at home.

 Sandwich w/pan fried chicken.
 Chicken plov w/a bell pepper, tomato and cucumber salad.
 Sandwich w/avocado, caramelized leeks and tomato. Sauteed asparagus.
 Croissant w/pastrami and tomato.
 Dill potatoes w/chicken and mushrooms.
Croissant sandwich w/bacon and vegetables.

The past couple weeks have been the eating out and sandwich kind of weeks... And i don't even know why. It wasn't too busy around here or anything, i was just not in the mood to cook much. What usually helps me to stay on schedule is making a menu for the week and planning the groceries that i will need. Also i have a new obsession with lemon water. Usually i am one of those bad people that drinks maybe a glass of water a day, but now it is all changed!! I put lemon slices in a glass bottle, pour water in there and store it in the fridge. And voila! Instant lemon water. It tastes so much better than regular water to me, very refreshing.


Anonymous said...

Food looks very yamieeee.You are very good cook.mama

Val Kovalchuk said...

thanks mama!