Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eating at home.

Baked egg and bacon with butter toast and veggies.
 Dill potatoes w/shrimp and asparagus.
 Pasta w/mushrooms and zucchini in a cream sauce.
Sauteed leftover potatoes, an egg, bacon and a veggie w/salami sandwich. 
 Pan seared salmon w/mashed potatoes and a ceaser salad.
Eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese squares, heirloom tomato slices, avocado and toast.
 Stewed chicken w/Israeli couscous and a salad w/sour cream dressing.
 Leftover mashed potatoes and pork tenderloin w/a fried egg. (and bbq sauce!)

We love breakfast at our house. I think it's because Audrey is mellow in the morning and Viktor and I can slowly prepare it while she plays. Its a relaxing time. In the evening I don't get to make dinner sometimes because the baby is fussy and wants to be held. So thats why there are a lot of eggs in the pictures. :) Again, any new breakfast ideas are appreciated!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Music in our home.

We have a little guitar player at our house. She likes to listen to mama sing and play, and always sticks her fingers in too! So i let her play by herself, and it is very entertaining.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A little family.

On Tuesday we took a spur of the moment trip to a park. I wanted some swings for Audrey to play on, but Viktor found a park that had that and so much more! The little babe wasnt a fan of the baby swing, she was a bit scared to be all by herself. But swinging on our laps was great! (i love the expresion on her face when she's swinging) Then we skipped some rocks while Audrey tried to eat some. We had to keep checking to make sure the pacifier was still in her mouth. ;) She loved the whole thing. (and so did i.)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 months old.

Could my little baby really be this big? Yesterday i was looking at some pictures of her when she was so tiny and it made me a bit teary. This month she:
1. started to baby talk. "da da", "ba ba" and "goi goi goi" are some of her favorites.
2. can pick up tiny objects with her two fingers.
3. loves to walk around on her tipee toes when we hold her hands and lead her.
4. took a nap with mama in bed for the first time since being about 3 months old. (so sweet, i loved it)
5. decided that she hates having her diaper changed and protests fiercely.
6. likes to sit on the floor and play.

Some teeny tiny pictures:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A stroll around the yard.

We have teeny tiny green strawberries growing! And giant potato plants! Umm.. for some reason i never even thought that potatoes have green leaves that grow on top of the soil, i just thought you dig around and find the little guys. (i feel so much more knowledgeable since this gardening expedition.) Also the roses in our front yard have started to bloom and look pretty. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The first papa's day.

...was a good day. It was as if Audrey knew what it was all about and was extra sweet all day! Here's what we did. 
1. Slept in till 10
2. Went out for breakfast
3. Played on a blanket outside
4. Went to church at 5pm
5. Finally heard King's Kaleidoscope live again
6. Made pizza and stayed up till 1 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eating at home.

 Sandwich w/pan fried chicken.
 Chicken plov w/a bell pepper, tomato and cucumber salad.
 Sandwich w/avocado, caramelized leeks and tomato. Sauteed asparagus.
 Croissant w/pastrami and tomato.
 Dill potatoes w/chicken and mushrooms.
Croissant sandwich w/bacon and vegetables.

The past couple weeks have been the eating out and sandwich kind of weeks... And i don't even know why. It wasn't too busy around here or anything, i was just not in the mood to cook much. What usually helps me to stay on schedule is making a menu for the week and planning the groceries that i will need. Also i have a new obsession with lemon water. Usually i am one of those bad people that drinks maybe a glass of water a day, but now it is all changed!! I put lemon slices in a glass bottle, pour water in there and store it in the fridge. And voila! Instant lemon water. It tastes so much better than regular water to me, very refreshing.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The water and the grass.

I went on a walk with my baby girl yesterday to Alki Beach. We had a mama and daughter date, and i enjoyed very much. After we walked around for a while, i took her out of her stroller and brought her to the water. We looked at it together and talked. Audrey said, "Da da da dada." And i agreed with her. Then i took off her socks and let her feel the grass on her toes. She loves grass now.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A new dress for Audrey.

I went to a couple thrift stores the other day with Audrey and found this little dress. Im not sure what size it is, (it looks a bit big) but i cant wait for her to wear it. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A little date.

Viktor and I had a little date today exploring downtown Tacoma. Just the two of us. We went to a park with lots of old gigantor trees and thought about life. About how these trees were planted here a long time ago and we still get to enjoy them. And then a squirrel ran up to us, right at our feet as if waiting for us to feed her. I was scared it was going to jump us and froth at the mouth! ;) We also walked around and looked at some old brick buildings. And talked about our little family and babies.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our wedding part 2.

Here is a look at the ceremony and reception
We got a whole lot of help from friends and family on decorating the reception and setting everything up. My sister Kathy put together all the flowers, and another friend set up the dessert table and made it look lovely. My mom made our wedding cake and we borrowed the glassware and lights from friends Julia and Yuriy. Our photographer was Lily Gavri.

You can see our engagement pictures here.