Monday, April 16, 2012

Eating at home

 Store bought cheese vareniki w/ mango slices
Angel hair pasta w/carrots, bell peppers and tomato basil sauce. Crusty bread w/butter.
 Eggs, stuffed hashbrowns and vegetables.
 Farfel w/chicken, peas and mushrooms. Salad w/broccoli, radishes, tomatoes and grated carrot.
 Pork tenderloin w/plum sauce, mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts.
 Homemade pizza w/carrot sticks and celery
 Turkey sandwich w/baby bell peppers.
 Hard boiled eggs w/salami sandwiches. Baby bell peppers w/grape tomatoes and strawberries w/raspberries. 

These last few weeks have been a bit hard on my cooking because we have been training Audrey to fall asleep on her own. So i didnt have as much time to make interesting meals, just some easy peasy ones :) But good news! She is doing so good! I have also gave her an early bedtime so that me and Viktor can have some time to ourselves in the evening. And i finally started giving her a bedtime routine, which i should have started forever ago. It goes like this.

7:30 Bath time
7:45 Feeding and singing a song
7:50 Reading a story from her baby bible
8:00 Lay her down in the crib for bedtime

It has been working really good the last couple days, and we are so glad. :)

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