Friday, March 23, 2012

Georgetown and a sunny day on the porch

We went out for breakfast today to Hangar Cafe in Georgetown. It was a spur of the moment thing. We ate crepes, which were pretty giant and delicious! Audrey was super sleepy the whole time, but refused to actually fall asleep :) You can see how she is fighting the sleep in the pictures. When we came home, it was super sunny and warm (finally!) so we cleaned up our front yard a bit and then sat out on the porch with some blankets for cushions. I looked through some magazines that had plants in them because im really excited to have some planted outside. Im also planning on having a small vegetable garden, but i really need to get that started. Oh by the way, we have started to let Kitsya outside a little, she was an indoor cat at the apartments. She really likes it, but is still super cautious. Selfishly, i dont want her to become a wild outdoor cat... i just want her to be my cuddly Kitsya..

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