Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Audrey loves her Kitsya

This picture tells it all, whenever Audrey sees Kitsya, she gets super excited and reaches her arms out to touch her. Kitsya on the other hand tries to avoid Audrey or run away whenever we bring them close together. And when we force them to cuddle, Kitsya just tolerates it. I love the look on her face here, just waiting it out.

The little baby is still sick however. I was hoping she would be better today, but i think she got a little worse. Its been a hard couple days. But we will get through this and after that be pros on what to do when she gets sick again. 

*also Viktor's sister had a baby girl yesterday! Its very exciting because now Audrey will have a little girl cousin to grow up with. I hope they will be best friends. :)

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