Monday, February 27, 2012

Piroshky piroshky: an afternoon in Seattle

It was all nice and sunny today and Viktor had last night off so we decided to head to Seattle. On the agenda was to look at some rugs for our living room, but also to just get out to the house, breathe some fresh air and have some fun. Ok people, how cool is world market? It has such neat things! One thing that really stood out for me is that they sell neat looking containers of spices and all just for $4. That's like a good deal at a regular grocery store, and some spices that i always want are like $9! So yeah, i was impressed. 
We also got to take a stroll down Pike Place market, and even though they were closing down, i really like the feel of it. Especially the fresh produce. Venders kept offering little sample of their loot, and i happily ate it all. I tried a chocolate noodle, cherry jam and vegetable chips. Which by the way i want to try to make at home...
And happily Piroshky Piroshky were still open! For some reason i really like their piroshky :) Especially the potato ones. Have you guys ever been there? It makes me feel all Ukrainian when i eat them. ;) 

(oh and also we took a little pink monkey with us on this adventure. and she did so good! she likes to hang out. literally...)

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