Wednesday, January 18, 2012

theres been a lot of this lately...

I dont want to pretend that life is peachy all the time over here. Audrey has been kind of fussy the last couple days and i found myself losing my patience at times. Which shows me who i really am behind all my composure. Sometimes i want to think that i have it all together and am a great mom and have it all under control and figured out. And i want other people to think that about me. (pride much?) But I am not that person! 
Life can get really overwhelming when Audrey is crying and i haven't had time to take a shower and the house is messy. And when Audrey is finally napping i rush around to shower and clean and make dinner so my husband thinks im a great wife. Whew! It can get hard. 

But i need to remind myself that its ok to have a messy house sometimes and to take a breath and just enjoy my life and my baby in the moment. I know my husband doesn't care too much if its not squeaky clean, and he can eat sandwiches for a couple days without complaining. (thanks love)
And I love where i am in life right now. I feel more confident as a person, and as a wife and mother. And when Audrey giggles, it feels so nice!!! And hanging out on the bed with the whole family (including Kitsya) laughing at the drool that drops from Audrey's face as we hold her up like an airplane, makes it all worth it!

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