Sunday, January 1, 2012

oh the new year...

We had a pretty interesting new year celebration over here... it all started off so well. my sister and her husband came up from Portland to celebrate with us so that was so nice. We hung out at home a bit, and then decided to go out to eat. on the way there, Audrey was crying a lot, but i hoped she would fall asleep before we got to the restaurant. she did. the restaurant was having karaoke, but we didnt think that would be a problem because Audrey usually doesnt mind noise. we started eating and then Audrey woke up. as we were trying to feed her, the karaoke starts, and it was so so loud! so Audrey starts crying and wouldnt eat. 
long story short, me and ira spend most of the time in the bathroom with Audrey, waiting for the servers to give us our check and put our food into boxes. 

Audrey cries the whole way home, then as soon as we get home, she starts smiling and being all happy. poor baby didnt like all the noise. :( we finished off the celebration with viktor going to work, and me and my guests watching lie to me until the new year. then we had some champagne and wished viktor a happy new year over the phone. 
good times. looking back now, it all makes me laugh a little :)


Kovalchuk Viktor Nikolayevich said...

I like looking over your blog because it highlights many things in our life that could easily go unnoticed. Thanks for bringing attention to them and helping me appreciate how blessed I am to be with you and for our little family. I love you very much.

Val Kovalchuk said...

awe, i love you too!!!!