Wednesday, December 21, 2011

on the fifth day of Christmas...

Sunday night, we had a little party at our place. There was a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, and a snowflake making contest! Oh, and another fire in the fireplace. :) 
The 12 days of Christmas are getting a bit neglected lately, with a busy life and a baby being the main reasons. But how i see it, if we get to do at least some of them, i will be happy. 
Here is what i had originally planned:

1. build a fire
2. watch a Christmas movie and make hot chocolate
3. make paper snowflakes
4. bake animal shaped cookies
5. go shopping together and buy each other a secret little gift
6. make Christmas cards
7. make cookies for our neighbors
8. go on a night drive to see Christmas lights
9. kiss under the Christmas tree
10. put together a care package for someone in need
11. read the Christmas story together as a family
12. make homemade Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

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