Friday, December 23, 2011

homemade christmas gifts

 I know that last picture is not a gift, but Audrey's little feet... but i couldn't resist! How cute are they??

So this year Viktor and I decided to make some homemade gifts to give to our families. A while back I made some plum jam, and me and Viktor made some hard apple cider. I also found some cute little soaps that i wrapped in brown paper, and made some Christmas cards. 
Just like with the 12 days of Christmas, i meant to make more things, like peanut brittle for example. But time really ran away from me. Its a busy life with a baby! 

Anyways, im looking forward to this Christmas weekend. We're driving down to Portland on Friday to spend the day with my family, and then on Saturday driving back here and having dinner with Viktor's family. So it will be very busy. And on actual Christmas day we get to relax and just hang out with one another. I'm looking forward to that the most, cant wait to open my present from Viktor! Even though i pretty much already know what it is... ;)

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