Sunday, December 25, 2011


 We spent a day and a half in Portland with my side of the family. It makes me happy to be with my sisters and spend time together. We all ate some dinner, played games and had a good time. I think little Audrey really enjoys her aunts. :)

Right after all these holidays will be over, our little family will be moving to a new place pretty soon. We are on the search for homes right now, and its a little stressful. But im really looking forward to starting fresh in a new place, and moving all the furniture around to make it look nice and cozy. And Audrey will have her own room! That will be nice :)

*also Viktor got me an awesome red, cast iron dutch oven for Christmas! Its what i have wanted for a while, i always see all the chefs on cooking shows using them :) I already cooked in it today and it was delicious! (im not sure if it was because of the pot, or just me...) :)

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Christina Marie said...

aw audrey looks so chunky and cute!! and you and your sisters look so, so similar! like twins almost. glad you enjoyed your christmas