Saturday, December 17, 2011

a cute little bum

i mean Audrey's little bottom of course. it so cute :) she has been such a good sleeper lately, she sleeps around 9 hours in a row at night! its so amazing, i am getting more than enough sleep around here. i think back to a month ago when she would only sleep in my arms for about 2 weeks and how tired i was.. it seems like it was all a dream (pun intended!) you know that thing people say, that having a baby is really hard the first month or so, and then it gets so much better? its so true! 

My favorite things about little babe right now:

1. her cute little grins
2. the tiny frowny face she makes when she cries sometimes, it makes me want to cheer her up right away!
3. when she sleeps on my stomach and looks all cute (like in the picture)
4. the fact that she learned how to suck on her hand and does it all the time! it makes a really loud suction noise and its hilarious. also she can almost stick her whole hand into her mouth. :)

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