Tuesday, October 4, 2011

plum jam!

Ive had a hankering (hee hee :) i like that word) to make jam for a while now. Mine and Viktor's favorite fruit to eat these days is plums, so i decided i want to buy a lot and make jam! Now, this is not just ordinary jam, its very existince has a devine purpose... perhaps to become a homemade Christmas present from our family to another... i cant give it all away :)
This is the website i went by to create this deliciousness. It was fairly simple to make, the hardest part was boiling and sterilizing the jars. (no fun cuz i have a small pot and they didnt all really fit)
I bought about 3 lbs of plums at .98 cents a lb.
Boiling the jars... they're all squished together in the pot :)
All chopped and ready to go!
 Adding the sugar, 4 1/2 cups..
Its sticky business trying to pour the jam into jars, but look at that puurrty color!
and finally having a little taste of the leftovers that didnt make it into jars. Yum!!! Yum, yum yummy yummmmm.... I really think its tasty :)


Kovalchuk Viktor Nikolayevich said...

you're such a wife, I like it

Val Kovalchuk said...

ah husband, you are so sweet.. i love you :)