Monday, October 17, 2011

pictures this week

1. pretty sunflower viktor gave me
 2. new mini scratching couch for Kitsya, to discourage her scratching our couch.. (you can see the damage a little on the couch behind her.)
 3. delicious french toast viktor made (i feel so spoiled) :)
4. making hard apple cider for Christmas time with viktor. (with a cinnamon stick, raisins, and an apple peel)
5. apple cider with pumpkins on the porch.

So today we spent 4 hours at the birthing center to check if the baby is ready to come out yet. and it seems like she is not. :( We were so excited this morning because we thought today was the day we get to meet her. But we really want it to happen naturally on her own time, so patience is the key here. :)

During the ultrasound i got to see her little face with her nose and little lips.. she was so cute people!!! I know its hard to see anything on those things, but her nose was as cute as a button... Ah, i cant wait to see her in real life! I am so anxious and nervous but so so ready and excited... I love that little Audrey :)


Kae said...

whaaa! crazy baby! come out already.

Val Kovalchuk said...

i know right!!! im kind of having contractions right now, so maybe its the real deal... (fingers crossed!) but ive been having them for a couple days now so im not sure anymore :)