Friday, October 14, 2011

no baby yet

So it seems that Audrey has decided to stay in hotel Uterus for another day or two... or three...? she has ignored her due date, unless i start to get contractions in the next hour.. (please baby?)
In the meantime, i am being all productive and finishing up some projects i had started for her. Like the Peanut!
Here she is, in her full glory.
 Kind of giant looking compared to the cat, but i am so proud of my first stuffed animal! She's not officially done, i still need to sew her up so the stuffing stays inside :) 

My plan for the evening as i finish her up:

1. watch Julie and Julia for the 20th time (love that movie!)
2. drink a cup of warm milk with honey and a drop off vanilla (doing that right now) 
3. and if im feeling extra bold, maybe start sewing the baby quilt i had planned on making months ago... but that's highly unlikely :)


Christina'Marie said...

That peanut is adorable! Shoot, you can start making them more and selling them. SO stinkin cute! Haha, Julie & Julia is like my favorite movie too. THeres just something addiciting about it...
Hope your little darling comes soon, and that everything goes well with the delivery!

Val Kovalchuk said...

i just love cooking movies, my second favorite one is the cartoon Ratatouille :) and thanks for your labor wishes!

Christina'Marie said...

Methinks we have similar tastes in good movies:) You should see Tangled, if you haven't yet, so so good my new favorite!

Val Kovalchuk said...

i have seen it, its really funny! i keep trying to make my husband watch it with me but no luck so far :)