Friday, October 7, 2011

gloomy rainy day

 Ah gloomy rainy days... as much as i love you, you're not really encouraging me to go drive outside and get some errands done... all i want to do is sit at home. with a cup of coffee, long warm socks pulled up to my knees, and viktor's cozy sweater on me. the candle that i lit is helping with the mood as well. flickering away. I even had to turn on the heater today for the first half hour that i was up, just to get things going in the house. brrrr.... is it this cold wherever you guys are? 

the little babe is still tucked safely inside my belly. i hope she's all nice and warm in there. I do like her a lot.
Some things I wonder about:

1. will her hair be red? (husbands hair is) i hope so!! how cute will that be???

2. how crazy is it that right now, exactly the way she is inside of me, she already looks like a real baby! and she could come out any moment! (im not sure if that made sense to anyone...)

3. will the cat ever stop jumping up on the changing table? i swear its all a game for her. she jumps in there and lays down on the cushion, her tail all swishing around as she anticipates me yelling at her... but oh no, my yelling is not enough. she just looks at me, then sighs and lays her head back down like she doesnt get why im so agitated. only when i drag myself out of bed and come towards her does she jump out and run away. until i lay back into bed. that's when she jumps right back in... grrrrr.... (this was last night, until i finally got the "light bulb" in my head and just kicked her out of the room.)

4. will the baby even like us? 

5. will the cat like the baby? will she try to scratch her or snuggle up to her and purr? (sorry for all the cat thoughts, its what's on my mind...)


christina'marie said...

Sounds like you had a cozy, relaxing day inside. Haha, that cat is taking advantage of your immobility on account of your big belly :)

Kae said...

I always think how weird it is that babies are real humans and they are literally inside of people and they look like humans too. My little brain just cannot grasp the idea of reproduction. It may sound corny but it is a complete miracle. Can't wait to meet your little one (and what a perfect cozy season for her to arrive it!).