Thursday, October 27, 2011

the babe is 1 week old

I'm writing this at 12:30 am because it has been pretty hard to find time for the blog this whole week.

But today Audrey was 1 week old! So here is my favorite thing about baby Audrey right now:

this cute face that she makes after i feed her, where her bottom lip is all sucked in and she looks so peaceful and happy :) and those chubby little cheeks!!!

Also i wanted to share these two pictures below. 
1. Mr. daddy holding the first baby onesie we bought 
2. Mr. daddy holding baby in the onesie!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

finally going home from the hospital

 We are so happy to be home from the hospital, it feels so nice to just relax and be in our home with our baby. Remember when i said she was a cute one? She totally is!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Audrey is born!

After a couple hard days, here she is!! And she is such a little one, when she is swaddled, viktor calls her a little baby burrito :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

pictures this week

1. pretty sunflower viktor gave me
 2. new mini scratching couch for Kitsya, to discourage her scratching our couch.. (you can see the damage a little on the couch behind her.)
 3. delicious french toast viktor made (i feel so spoiled) :)
4. making hard apple cider for Christmas time with viktor. (with a cinnamon stick, raisins, and an apple peel)
5. apple cider with pumpkins on the porch.

So today we spent 4 hours at the birthing center to check if the baby is ready to come out yet. and it seems like she is not. :( We were so excited this morning because we thought today was the day we get to meet her. But we really want it to happen naturally on her own time, so patience is the key here. :)

During the ultrasound i got to see her little face with her nose and little lips.. she was so cute people!!! I know its hard to see anything on those things, but her nose was as cute as a button... Ah, i cant wait to see her in real life! I am so anxious and nervous but so so ready and excited... I love that little Audrey :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

no baby yet

So it seems that Audrey has decided to stay in hotel Uterus for another day or two... or three...? she has ignored her due date, unless i start to get contractions in the next hour.. (please baby?)
In the meantime, i am being all productive and finishing up some projects i had started for her. Like the Peanut!
Here she is, in her full glory.
 Kind of giant looking compared to the cat, but i am so proud of my first stuffed animal! She's not officially done, i still need to sew her up so the stuffing stays inside :) 

My plan for the evening as i finish her up:

1. watch Julie and Julia for the 20th time (love that movie!)
2. drink a cup of warm milk with honey and a drop off vanilla (doing that right now) 
3. and if im feeling extra bold, maybe start sewing the baby quilt i had planned on making months ago... but that's highly unlikely :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

thursday letters

Dear Sudoku, 
i have mastered you, even on the "expert" level!

Dear pumpkins we got from our farm, 
we could have the perfect creepy Halloween setup with our black Kitsya sitting next to you guys... 

Dear baby Audrey
did you know that tomorrow is your due date? How are you planning on spending your day?

Dear husband,
sometimes when we're listening to music at home, you grab the Kitsya and dance around the room with her. I love watching you guys, and i cant wait for you to dance with our little Audrey!

Dear looming due date
secretly i'm a little scared of you...

Dear Russian store, 
you have some yummy little cucumbers with bumps all over them! 

Dear lover,
thanks for being generous with massages and cuddles this last couple difficult days. i'm so happy i married you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i be makin' the zuppa!

 Here's a question: has anyone out there not made zuppa toscana soup before? If you havent, you must! Its so good, especially on a cold day. And really easy to make. So to encourage you to try it, here is how i make mine.

spicy ground Italian sausage
half an onion
a couple cloves of garlic
3 or 4 slices of bacon
about 5 little to medium sized red potatoes
one bunch of kale
1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream
8 cups of water
7 chicken bullion cubes
salt and pepper to taste
crushed red pepper flakes to taste

note: i used collard greens instead of kale this time because i had some in the fridge from our CSA farm. and i needed to use them up :)

Here's how to make the soup:
1. brown up the sausage on a skillet until no longer pink. In the meantime, turn on your favorite Pandora station to make cooking more fun! i listened Carla Bruni radio. 
 2. when its done, move it to a napkin lined plate to soak up excess grease.
 3. fry up your bacon. by the way, did you know you can get fresh bacon at the deli meat section? and it costs the same as the packaged ones! Viktor discovered it for me yesterday. :)
 4. move the bacon to the same plate as the sausage. when its cool enough to touch, break it up into pieces. if you have some chewy fat sections, eat them now! they wont taste that good in the soup. you want the crispy pieces only. 
 5. chop up your onion and garlic and saute them up in a pan until onion is soft. fill up a pot with water and drop the bullion cubes in it. add the onion and garlic mixture. 
 6. chop up your potatoes into about 1/4 inch slices and add them to the pot. bring the water to boil.
 7. skim any excess fat and foam from the pot.

8. when potatoes are almost soft, drop in your sausage bacon mixture. you might want to dab at it with a napkin to take off as much oil as possible beforehand. 
 9. add your cream, taste, and add salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes as you see fit. 
10. roughly chop up your greens and drop them into your pot. turn off the heat immediately, as you don't want your potatoes to become too mushy and fall apart. but if they do, its still delicious!
 11. ladle yourself a bowl and maybe throw in some shredded Parmesan cheese for extra goodness. :)  

here's another random thought. i noticed that when i cook, i wash the dishes at the same time. for example, when im done using my cutting board and knife, i wash it while something is frying in my pan. and so on, so that when the food is ready, i have no dishes left to wash and the kitchen is clean. I'm not sure how i developed this habit, but its really nice! are any of you the same way? or do you have any other odd habits?

Monday, October 10, 2011

what has been going on lately

 1. awesome parking privileges 
2. the kitsya sleeping and looking cute 
3. & 4. playing Clue at 4am last night (viktor won 2 times..)
5.  yummy desserts from Wild Wheat Bakery where we ate breakfast today
6. me and Audrey at 39 weeks pregnant (please excuse my slouching, i need to work on that) :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

gloomy rainy day

 Ah gloomy rainy days... as much as i love you, you're not really encouraging me to go drive outside and get some errands done... all i want to do is sit at home. with a cup of coffee, long warm socks pulled up to my knees, and viktor's cozy sweater on me. the candle that i lit is helping with the mood as well. flickering away. I even had to turn on the heater today for the first half hour that i was up, just to get things going in the house. brrrr.... is it this cold wherever you guys are? 

the little babe is still tucked safely inside my belly. i hope she's all nice and warm in there. I do like her a lot.
Some things I wonder about:

1. will her hair be red? (husbands hair is) i hope so!! how cute will that be???

2. how crazy is it that right now, exactly the way she is inside of me, she already looks like a real baby! and she could come out any moment! (im not sure if that made sense to anyone...)

3. will the cat ever stop jumping up on the changing table? i swear its all a game for her. she jumps in there and lays down on the cushion, her tail all swishing around as she anticipates me yelling at her... but oh no, my yelling is not enough. she just looks at me, then sighs and lays her head back down like she doesnt get why im so agitated. only when i drag myself out of bed and come towards her does she jump out and run away. until i lay back into bed. that's when she jumps right back in... grrrrr.... (this was last night, until i finally got the "light bulb" in my head and just kicked her out of the room.)

4. will the baby even like us? 

5. will the cat like the baby? will she try to scratch her or snuggle up to her and purr? (sorry for all the cat thoughts, its what's on my mind...)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

plum jam!

Ive had a hankering (hee hee :) i like that word) to make jam for a while now. Mine and Viktor's favorite fruit to eat these days is plums, so i decided i want to buy a lot and make jam! Now, this is not just ordinary jam, its very existince has a devine purpose... perhaps to become a homemade Christmas present from our family to another... i cant give it all away :)
This is the website i went by to create this deliciousness. It was fairly simple to make, the hardest part was boiling and sterilizing the jars. (no fun cuz i have a small pot and they didnt all really fit)
I bought about 3 lbs of plums at .98 cents a lb.
Boiling the jars... they're all squished together in the pot :)
All chopped and ready to go!
 Adding the sugar, 4 1/2 cups..
Its sticky business trying to pour the jam into jars, but look at that puurrty color!
and finally having a little taste of the leftovers that didnt make it into jars. Yum!!! Yum, yum yummy yummmmm.... I really think its tasty :)