Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday is farm day!

 I was so impressed with the produce from the farm today that i just had to snap some pictures and share :) This weeks goodies: 2 cucumbers, 1 lb of potatoes, basil, thyme, sweet onions, 2 squashes, a bunch of chard, and garlic. 

In case you guys forgot, we signed up to a CSA for the summer. That stand for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically how it works is this: Whoever wants a part of the produce grown from the farm, pays for a share at the beginning of each season. So the people are the ones who support the farm. Its a really neat program. Viktor and I were very excited when we found out about it and looked around for farms around our area that we could sign up with. We picked Whistling Train Farm because it was the closest to us (we wanted the freshest produce and the farm is about 10 minutes away) and it was the cheapest. ($400 for the summer season, July-October.) I drive down to the farm each Tuesday and pick up our share.

Unfortunately we have been a little disappointed in the amount of produce we have been getting, we had expected the quantities to be much bigger. I'm pretty sure this is party because of our rainy weather for the first part of the summer, but in the beginning we just got a lot of greens and lettuces, not a whole lot of substantial veggies. So we decided that it is not worth it for us. Its just too expensive for the amount of food that we get. So we don't plan keep doing this in the fall and winter. 

But today's produce makes me so excited!!! That's a really good amount of vegetables, and probably the biggest amount yet in this whole season. Makes me kind of sad that we will not be continuing this journey as things are just getting good... I guess we will see how things turn out. :)


Irina said...

Those veggies look delicious and healthy.. Full of nutrients for u and baby Audrey:) the farm idea is awesome.. Im still contemplating on whether to go for it.. We shall see.. Also, i miss u and u are cute:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

i miss you too!!! you should use that B&B certificate soon :)

Olga said...

I know a guy who does a meat CSA. Both are pretty cool ideas. I'd definitely look into it when I venture out on my own. :)

Val Kovalchuk said...

Yes you should, it feels great too because you know youre helping out a farm and getting local organic foods!!