Tuesday, September 20, 2011

picture wall

viktor has an old Polaroid camera that still works and when we were dating he took a few pictures on it. A couple days ago i decided to make a photo wall in our living room. And i started to look for all those polaroids, but  i cant find some of them! Its so sad because those are memories i want to remember. Anyways i think the camera needs new film because the flash doesnt work right now, like the room needs to be super bright for a picture to turn out. (that pic of Kitsya was taken yesterday in the bright bathroom) :) But film for the camera is really expensive! The reason is because it had been discontinued for a while, but now there are people working to bring the film back. Anyways the cheapest film i could find online is like $20 a pack. :( but maybe i will buy it and then take cool pictures! 

*i know the clothes pins are really giant, i am planning on buying small ones but this is all i had for now :)


christina'marie said...

looks so awesome! such a fun way to preserve memories:)

Julia said...

I kind of like the giant clothes pins. So sweet.

Val Kovalchuk said...

thanks guys :)