Saturday, September 24, 2011

little letters

after discovering this cool blog, i decided i want to write my own little letters as well.
so here we go:

dear husband, you are so great for introducing the Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Pandora stationim really enjoying it!

dear coupons of all kinds, i have discovered you! i think  you are so great and make me so happy and excited. and sometimes you don't expire for years!

 Dear feet, thanks so much for keeping me up even thought you are hurting so much these days! I really appreciate it.

dear kitsya, please stop biting my feet, i cant take it anymore...

dear baby, do i really get to see you in less than a month?

dear viktor, today when we were napping together i told you all my fears about giving birth. you held my hand and listened, told me not to worry and made me feel better. you're my best friend!


Kae said...

awe. I cried a little. so sweet!

Kovalchuk Viktor Nikolayevich said...

baby you are my best friend

Julia said...

Cute. I see a lot of baby coupons. :)

[Viktor's comment... haha.]

Irina said...

Awe, Val, this is so sweet:) I will write my own letter to you: Dear Val, you are pretty amazing. I miss you always, and love reading your cute blog:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

awe ira, you make me miss you!!! hope Audrey comes soon so i can see you sooner than later! :)