Thursday, September 29, 2011

husband cooks breakfast

 Today me and the husband get to spend the day together! The day started off with lounging around in bed as we watched our crazy Kitsya run around and bite our feet under the blanket. Sometimes she's a crazy one in the morning. 
Then i proposed the idea to go eat breakfast at Sharie's but husband said, "no way, i will make breakfast!" So that's how it went down... but i did drive down to Starbucks while he was cooking to get us some yummy drinks. (I have yet to learn how to make a white mocha...)

Also, i am loving the crispy fall weather!!! Does anyone else agree that fall is just the best? Ive been looking forward to it for the past couple months. :) 

On another note, baby Audrey is due in 2 weeks! 2 weeks people, how did the time fly by so fast???? Im all mixed emotions over here, so excited to finally see her and also scared and nervous! 
Here is a picture of me and Audrey from my sister's birthday party a couple weeks ago.


Kae said...

I am convinced that husbands make the best breakfast! I can't believe you have two weeks left! So so so exciting!

Julia said...

What a good guy! I love having breakfast at home with Yuriy.

Wow, two weeks!!! No wonder you've been looking forward to fall. Have you taken any photos with the belly? If not, let me snap some of you real soon!

Val Kovalchuk said...

julia, ive been thinking about pictures lately myself, but i dont know what to wear anymore these days... the thought of picking a cute outfit seems so hard :) but ill get back to you on that though :)

Christina'Marie said...

You have such a cute baby bump=)

Irina said...

Val, you are adorable as always, and Viktor is sweet for making you breakfast..:) I cannot believe the baby will be here so soon..!!! cant wait to hold the little munchkin and spoil her a little here and there.. BTW i love fall as well.. i believe it is my favorite season of all.:)