Saturday, September 3, 2011

food and pretty coffee

Yesterday was our date night. And it was delicious! We went to Thai Toms, a tiny little restaurant in the U-district of Seattle. Viktor used to eat there when he was going to UW. When i say its tiny, i really mean that. Its the size of someones bedroom, along with the kitchen included in there. We got to sit at the bar, where we watched the cook make food. He was super fast and crazy like! And there was a lot of fire going on, i wish we took some pictures... :( 
I had some Pad Thai, i think this place makes it the best. (except it was so spicy the first 5 minutes i was eating it because it was so hot. I got tears in my eyes) And after we were done and walking on the street, my tongue was still burning :)
Afterward we got some coffee and sweets and played a marble game. Sadly then i started to feel nauseous so we went home to rest. But all in all a great date.

i wanted to share these cute pictures too. Who's little paw is that?
 Oh its just our little Kitsya, snuggled up like a little baby. (she totally got in there herself too!!) :)


Irina said...

Thai toms souds like a cute little place to eat.. And it has Thai food which i find absolutely delish :) Love the tasty dessert and coffee pictures.. Makes me wish i could make a cute heart design like that.. I have tried numerous times before without much success.. Also, kitsya is adorable:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

yeah i love the cream designs!! props to you for trying to make it, ive never even thought about it... next time im making a "homemade latte" (whipping the milk like crazy with fork or whisk) i will try the designs too :)