Friday, September 2, 2011


Breakfast: sauteed cauliflower, bellpeppers, carrots, chard, green onion, dill, and an egg.
Its been pretty mellow around these parts lately. I have mostly been staying in and resting a lot. And eating lots of food! I gained like 5 lbs this past 2 weeks... I need to slow it down a bit, i made a vow to not eat any more greasy burgers. 

Wednesday was the worst day foodwise. Viktor's co workers threw him a baby shower so he came home with a ton of cupcakes. So i ate about 5 cupcakes that day. Also last weekend we went to visit my family in Portland and came home with a container of caviar. (My brother in law fishes and makes his own yummy caviar.) Anyways also on Wednesday i ate almost a whole skinny loaf of french bread with that caviar the whole day long. And then at like 9pm at night i had a burger craving so we went to Mcdonalds. 

Moral of story: I felt disgusting afterward and don't want to eat that kind of food anymore. If im going to gain any more weight during this pregnancy i want it to be from healthy food and fats. 

On another note, little Audrey is due in a little over a month! How crazy is that??? I cant believe its so soon... im a little nervous. Last night me and viktor watched the office episode where Pam and Jim have their baby. And then have a bit of a problem with breast feeding and making the baby stop crying. And breast feeding the wrong baby! Anyways its hilarious, if you've watched it you know. But i have a secret fear that that will be me. (minus the wrong baby thing.) Im not sure what to do with a crying baby...
But i guess viktor and i will learn as we go along. Im already in love with this little baby so i cant wait to see her and hear her little noises! :)


Julian and Olivia's Mommy said...

Your rundown of all the food you ate made me laugh, i can definatly relate! Dont be surprised if youre the same way while breastfeeding, the desire to constantly eat doesnt really seem to go away.

Val Kovalchuk said...

oh no... :) then i will just have to enjoy this new part of my life where i get to eat eat eat!!!! :)

Irina said...

That looks deliciously healthy:) glad u got to enjoy olegs caviar too.. Also i usually feel disgusting after i eat a big greasy burger as well, but it just tastes sooo good while ur eating it.. Also, i sometimes panick when i hold a crying baby cause i don't know how to make it stop crying.. But im sure u will get some motherly instincts that make it easier:) luv u:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

i hope those motherly instincts kick in right away, in the meantime im reading books about babies and what to do with them! :)