Thursday, September 8, 2011

the blanket!

 Thats right people, i have finished knitting a blanket for the little baby! Its so nice to be done, i feel so accomplished :) It has taken me longer than i had expected to finish it, i had random spurs of energy where i would knit a lot and then times where i'd be knitting a row or two every couple weeks. and also i blame the warm weather. (who wants to be knitting a warm blanket when the sun is shining outside? knitting is for bleak rainy days..) But i really wanted to finish it before Audrey gets here.
Its very rustic and homemade looking, (i made plenty of mistakes) also somehow it kept getting wider as i knit along, the bottom gray part is a bit wider than the white top... hopefully the baby wont notice :)
But it just feels so cool that i knit something! Its my very first project and now im excited to keep learning to knit better.
Also next on my to do list is to try to finish the elephant before baby arrives. Who remembers the peanut? well, im sad to say i have not worked on him for a couple months now. Stay tuned and hopefully i will announce that im done with him soon! :) 


Kovalchuk Viktor Nikolayevich said...

good job baby you're awesome!

Val Kovalchuk said...

thanks love! :)

Kae said...

holy moly. I'm hiring you to knit my future unborn children some blankies!

Val Kovalchuk said...

ha, maybe by then i will be a knitting pro! :)