Friday, September 30, 2011

tour of the bedroom

Here is a peek of our little bedroom, which i have spent the past couple days transforming into a baby room as well. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment and so far its been plenty of room for us. Our lease ends in January so we will eventually  be moving into a 2 bedroom. But since we are having an addition to the family before then, i got to thinking how to make our room baby friendly but still cozy for all of us. 

My main idea was to buy the minimum amount of things that a baby really needs. So for example, most of the babe's clothes are stored in the top drawer of the red dresser. Any clothes that are 6 months and bigger i just put away into a bag since we will not be using them in this apartment. Also the changing table has perfect shelves for other baby items. The bassinet pictured is borrowed from friends since babies only use them for a couple months. Eventually we will buy a crib, but we dont need it now. Pretty much simplicity is my motto. 

All in all, im liking our room very much, it feels very inviting and cozy :)

* The pictures go in a full circle around the whole room

Thursday, September 29, 2011

husband cooks breakfast

 Today me and the husband get to spend the day together! The day started off with lounging around in bed as we watched our crazy Kitsya run around and bite our feet under the blanket. Sometimes she's a crazy one in the morning. 
Then i proposed the idea to go eat breakfast at Sharie's but husband said, "no way, i will make breakfast!" So that's how it went down... but i did drive down to Starbucks while he was cooking to get us some yummy drinks. (I have yet to learn how to make a white mocha...)

Also, i am loving the crispy fall weather!!! Does anyone else agree that fall is just the best? Ive been looking forward to it for the past couple months. :) 

On another note, baby Audrey is due in 2 weeks! 2 weeks people, how did the time fly by so fast???? Im all mixed emotions over here, so excited to finally see her and also scared and nervous! 
Here is a picture of me and Audrey from my sister's birthday party a couple weeks ago.

Monday, September 26, 2011

pizza date

 On Sunday viktor and i got to eat some delicious pizza! I crave good pizza all the time. By good, i mean pizza with yummy toppings and a crispy burned crust, not chain pizza :) We were going to evening church in Seattle so we stopped by Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria before hand. It was really neat! They have happy hour every day from 3-6, so we got an appetizer for $5 and two 8" pizzas for $6 each. Very filling and tasty! :)

Today we woke up to a rainy day, ah how ive missed them! i know its funny to say that when i live in a rainy city, but it feels so good to just be able to sit at home and not feel guilty :) I think today i will finally organize all the baby furniture in our room to make it all cozy for Audrey. Oh and i got some packages from my Target online order today. Its so fun to get deliveries in the mail! Kitsya loves it too, she seems to think all cardboard boxes are made for her to play in. :) 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

little letters

after discovering this cool blog, i decided i want to write my own little letters as well.
so here we go:

dear husband, you are so great for introducing the Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Pandora stationim really enjoying it!

dear coupons of all kinds, i have discovered you! i think  you are so great and make me so happy and excited. and sometimes you don't expire for years!

 Dear feet, thanks so much for keeping me up even thought you are hurting so much these days! I really appreciate it.

dear kitsya, please stop biting my feet, i cant take it anymore...

dear baby, do i really get to see you in less than a month?

dear viktor, today when we were napping together i told you all my fears about giving birth. you held my hand and listened, told me not to worry and made me feel better. you're my best friend!

Friday, September 23, 2011


The husband and I had an outrageous Costco shopping trip today! We are official new members and this was our first time buying there. Here was my plan of action: Buy a ton of stuff in bulk so that when the baby gets here we will not have to go shopping for a long time. and we did just that! We got so much stuff (i did make a list beforehand so i would be prepared) The cart was so super heavy and i am so thankful that i have a strong husband that wanted to go shopping with meMy feet were killing me by the time we were done, we were both so tired. Luckily i got to sit in the house while Viktor carried all the heavy stuff ;) 
Anyways, i bought these cool jars at Ikea yesterday in anticipation for the great shopping trip, and now they are all full of goodies. 
All in all, i decided that i really like Costco. It has great deals!!! but im only shopping there with viktor. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

picture wall

viktor has an old Polaroid camera that still works and when we were dating he took a few pictures on it. A couple days ago i decided to make a photo wall in our living room. And i started to look for all those polaroids, but  i cant find some of them! Its so sad because those are memories i want to remember. Anyways i think the camera needs new film because the flash doesnt work right now, like the room needs to be super bright for a picture to turn out. (that pic of Kitsya was taken yesterday in the bright bathroom) :) But film for the camera is really expensive! The reason is because it had been discontinued for a while, but now there are people working to bring the film back. Anyways the cheapest film i could find online is like $20 a pack. :( but maybe i will buy it and then take cool pictures! 

*i know the clothes pins are really giant, i am planning on buying small ones but this is all i had for now :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

i am nesting...

What is nesting you may ask? Oh, that phrase is taken from nature when animals are about to give birth to their young, and start to furiously prepare their "nest" for the babies. Also it can be applied to pregnant moms.
I have been really into cleaning these days (not counting the last 2 days because i haven't been feeling well) I have cleaned out the fridge and freezer and am busy opening all our packaged things for the baby and setting them up. 
I have been on the hunt for a dresser for Audrey's little things. A couple days ago i drove to 6 thrift stores and antique shops looking for a cool looking one that wont cost too much. No luck, but i did find this sweet looking changing table at a thrift store for $20! Its a light minty green color. So we bought it and it is now in our bedroom with little baby things on it. 
By the way, right now we live in a 1 bedroom apartment, and it is filled to the brim with baby stuff! I cant wait to finally get it all organized and ready for little Audrey. i'll post some pictures when i set it all up. ("i set it up" meaning my husband sets it up as i look on. he has been so great with lifting and moving heavy things. And bringing me water and other items i want as im laying on the couch. Husband you are so great!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

grilling burgers and home church

wearing lipstick at home (it was actually red..)
 making the meat patties
 Audrey just hanging out in my belly
 end result! Yummy!
Every once in a while, we all need a little bit of home church.
Here at our house we probably have more homechurch than usual because of Viktor's work schedule. He works nights and has every other weekend off. So if he's working Saturday night, we sleep in on Sunday and either go to an evening service in Seattle, or just stay at home
Today was stay at home day! and burger day :)
We grilled up some burgers, and now are about to listen to a sermon. Its called Planning, and its from the Proverbs series at Mars Hill.
Lately ive been really into planning life and our budget and just learning to take care of our home better. Its a really good sermon, i recommend it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the blanket!

 Thats right people, i have finished knitting a blanket for the little baby! Its so nice to be done, i feel so accomplished :) It has taken me longer than i had expected to finish it, i had random spurs of energy where i would knit a lot and then times where i'd be knitting a row or two every couple weeks. and also i blame the warm weather. (who wants to be knitting a warm blanket when the sun is shining outside? knitting is for bleak rainy days..) But i really wanted to finish it before Audrey gets here.
Its very rustic and homemade looking, (i made plenty of mistakes) also somehow it kept getting wider as i knit along, the bottom gray part is a bit wider than the white top... hopefully the baby wont notice :)
But it just feels so cool that i knit something! Its my very first project and now im excited to keep learning to knit better.
Also next on my to do list is to try to finish the elephant before baby arrives. Who remembers the peanut? well, im sad to say i have not worked on him for a couple months now. Stay tuned and hopefully i will announce that im done with him soon! :) 

little vintage dresses

I am totally in love with these little dresses from! These are my top favorites and the ones im considering buying for little Audrey. :) How cute is that little blue stripey one? One reason why i like these is because they are so timeless and simple. And a pretty good deal too. (average price per dress is $7) It seems like these days all baby girl clothes are bright pink and very frilly, and for some reason that does not appeal to me. I want my little baby to wear all the colors, because who says that certain colors belong to certain genders? "they" say? I think not!:)

On another note, our community group from church threw us a baby shower today. I am constantly reminded of how awesome it is to have a church family that truly loves you and shows it. (not that my actual family doesn't show it) One of the woman from the group wrote this in a card, "It takes a village to raise a child and we want to be a part of the tapestry of your lives." How beautiful is that? It just makes me think of the olden days when whole communities would step in to help anyone in need. And as Christians isn't that what we are to do? Support and help and bless one another. I am so thankful for everyone who has blessed us with baby gifts, and i cant wait to in turn bless someone else who is in need.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday is farm day!

 I was so impressed with the produce from the farm today that i just had to snap some pictures and share :) This weeks goodies: 2 cucumbers, 1 lb of potatoes, basil, thyme, sweet onions, 2 squashes, a bunch of chard, and garlic. 

In case you guys forgot, we signed up to a CSA for the summer. That stand for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically how it works is this: Whoever wants a part of the produce grown from the farm, pays for a share at the beginning of each season. So the people are the ones who support the farm. Its a really neat program. Viktor and I were very excited when we found out about it and looked around for farms around our area that we could sign up with. We picked Whistling Train Farm because it was the closest to us (we wanted the freshest produce and the farm is about 10 minutes away) and it was the cheapest. ($400 for the summer season, July-October.) I drive down to the farm each Tuesday and pick up our share.

Unfortunately we have been a little disappointed in the amount of produce we have been getting, we had expected the quantities to be much bigger. I'm pretty sure this is party because of our rainy weather for the first part of the summer, but in the beginning we just got a lot of greens and lettuces, not a whole lot of substantial veggies. So we decided that it is not worth it for us. Its just too expensive for the amount of food that we get. So we don't plan keep doing this in the fall and winter. 

But today's produce makes me so excited!!! That's a really good amount of vegetables, and probably the biggest amount yet in this whole season. Makes me kind of sad that we will not be continuing this journey as things are just getting good... I guess we will see how things turn out. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

food and pretty coffee

Yesterday was our date night. And it was delicious! We went to Thai Toms, a tiny little restaurant in the U-district of Seattle. Viktor used to eat there when he was going to UW. When i say its tiny, i really mean that. Its the size of someones bedroom, along with the kitchen included in there. We got to sit at the bar, where we watched the cook make food. He was super fast and crazy like! And there was a lot of fire going on, i wish we took some pictures... :( 
I had some Pad Thai, i think this place makes it the best. (except it was so spicy the first 5 minutes i was eating it because it was so hot. I got tears in my eyes) And after we were done and walking on the street, my tongue was still burning :)
Afterward we got some coffee and sweets and played a marble game. Sadly then i started to feel nauseous so we went home to rest. But all in all a great date.

i wanted to share these cute pictures too. Who's little paw is that?
 Oh its just our little Kitsya, snuggled up like a little baby. (she totally got in there herself too!!) :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Breakfast: sauteed cauliflower, bellpeppers, carrots, chard, green onion, dill, and an egg.
Its been pretty mellow around these parts lately. I have mostly been staying in and resting a lot. And eating lots of food! I gained like 5 lbs this past 2 weeks... I need to slow it down a bit, i made a vow to not eat any more greasy burgers. 

Wednesday was the worst day foodwise. Viktor's co workers threw him a baby shower so he came home with a ton of cupcakes. So i ate about 5 cupcakes that day. Also last weekend we went to visit my family in Portland and came home with a container of caviar. (My brother in law fishes and makes his own yummy caviar.) Anyways also on Wednesday i ate almost a whole skinny loaf of french bread with that caviar the whole day long. And then at like 9pm at night i had a burger craving so we went to Mcdonalds. 

Moral of story: I felt disgusting afterward and don't want to eat that kind of food anymore. If im going to gain any more weight during this pregnancy i want it to be from healthy food and fats. 

On another note, little Audrey is due in a little over a month! How crazy is that??? I cant believe its so soon... im a little nervous. Last night me and viktor watched the office episode where Pam and Jim have their baby. And then have a bit of a problem with breast feeding and making the baby stop crying. And breast feeding the wrong baby! Anyways its hilarious, if you've watched it you know. But i have a secret fear that that will be me. (minus the wrong baby thing.) Im not sure what to do with a crying baby...
But i guess viktor and i will learn as we go along. Im already in love with this little baby so i cant wait to see her and hear her little noises! :)