Saturday, August 13, 2011

taking the baby out for a walk

This week has been a little difficult for me. Ive been nauseous a couple times and threw up twice :( Also just feeling tired, maybe because i wake up a couple times a night either to go to the bathroom or just because im uncomfortable. 

Regardless, I'm still enjoying the little babe inside, even though her kicks and stretches are starting to hurt a bit. Shes getting so big in there! :)

So Ive been hanging out on the couch a lot these days and taking naps. But today I remembered that i need to move around more and get some exercise to make myself feel more rested and comfortable. So i went out for a little walk. It was very short, but just right for me right now. I listened to some music and started a Matt Chandler sermon and got some fresh air. Now im baking some oatmeal cookies! Just trying to make the most of this last stretch of being pregnant... 

Oh yeah! viktor and I bought a stroller and car seat off of craigslist yesterday. we are now one step closer to being ready. Now I'm on a mission to find a little cute dresser from a thrift store for the baby's stuff.


Kae said...

ahh how exciting and scary! when is the little lady supposed to show up?

Val Kovalchuk said...

she is due October 14th. its so soon!!!