Friday, August 19, 2011

steak again? yes!

Yes i remember that we just ate steak 2 days ago, but my handsome husband wanted to try making them again for our date tonight. Let me tell you, they tasted so amazing!!!
ok here's the deal. Im not usually a steak person. Like i would never get it at restaurants because i prefer pork or chicken or fish.
But this steak was soooooooo tender and juicy. Yum!!!!!! (husband, you are getting so good at making it!)

also I had another baby appointment today. The Dr. said our little girl is growing good and that we are nice and healthy. Except i still need more iron (hence the steak!) :)
 i promise its just the angle of this picture that makes that mound of mashed potatoes look so giant... but i did finish everything on my plate... :)

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