Tuesday, August 16, 2011

its all about food these days...

 I had a big craving for a burger today. 
And my loving husband helped me satisfy it.
We went to Five Guys, a burger place that i kept hearing about in these parts. It reminded me a lot of In-N-Out Burger, a simple menu, with a focus on natural food. Two things i really liked about it: they have free self serve peanuts to eat while you wait for your food, and you can have as much toppings as you want on your burger and it doesn't cost extra.
The actual burger? I wasn't too impressed. The bun was soggy and falling apart from all my toppings (i got the "everything" on it) A bit hard to eat :(
Nevertheless, it was a good outing. The little girl inside feels so big these days, its hard for me to sit comfortably or walk for a long distance. But i love her anyways :)


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