Saturday, August 6, 2011


To follow up on the previous post, here is a list of dates that can be a lot of fun! and some are really simple.

1. Biking on a trail
2. Bowling
3. Laser tag
4. Cooking together
5. Hiking
6. Volunteering together
7. Picnic
8. Berry picking
9. Watching a play (high school and college ones are pretty cheap)
10. Play pool
11. Jazz bar
12. Miniature golf
13. Movie
14. Museam
15. Flying kites
16. Outdoor movies in the park/ Drive in theatres
17. Zoo
18. Arcade games
19. Taking the train somewhere
20. Making a leaf pile in a park
21. Browse a bookstore
22. Rent a movie & have popcorn at home
23. Ice Skating
24. Wall Rock climbing
25. Go dancing
26. Watch a concert
27. Watch a high school sports game
28. Put together a puzzle 
29. Corn Maze
3o. Complete a project at home (build a birdhouse, paint something...)

Here is a neat website for what to talk about on dates and how to make them deeper and more interesting:

Thats all i got for now, if you guys have any more ideas let me know!!!


Irina said...

These all sound like fun dates.. I will have to try them out with oleg:)

Val Kovalchuk said...

yeah do that :)